OysterConnect.com – A Virtual Student Workforce Platform

OysterConnect.com is a “Virtual Student Workforce” platform which signs up with companies to carry out business critical projects for them.

OysterConnect.com leverages the reach and scale of its Virtual Student network to get work done for companies in areas such as surveys, lead generation, reviews, B2B transactions, listings, primary and secondary market research.

Its reach of over 60,000 students across 50+ cities and 100+ colleges makes it a valuable partner for large scale projects. More than 60% of our students come from the top 50 Management Schools of the country. Such students possess the ability to deliver on higher order projects on a real time basis.

Students work on these projects along with their academic program or during their Internship. Work is completed on the basis of a crowd sourced model - where students carry out a unit level of work which ensures completion of larger level performance requirements.

Besides having a quality student workforce, the team at OysterConnect.com manages the complete project management to ensure that companies get a specific business output in a timely and cost competitive manner. We use cloud based mobile applications to gather data and also manage students. These data applications are useful for our customers since they can view the data in a transparent manner.


  • To become India's biggest "managed" Student Workforce network by number of students who complete their short term work experiences through it.
  • To be the partner of choice attracting "smart" work from the best Brands in India so as to be able to provide excellent work experiences to the students on the network.
  • To leverage technology to create a seamless and world class experience for both Students and Corporates ensuring recurring and awesome engagement.


  • To help students across India and the World to obtain short term work experience along with their studies, anytime and anywhere, enabling life changing work skills for them.
  • To help leading organizations to leverage the power of a managed student network to achieve Company goals.

Our Current Customers

Some of the Best in Class companies have leveraged our network. Our current customers include Google, Trip Advisor, Unilever and Nestle to name a few.

We are happy to share the details of our Success Stories. Do click here to read about it.

OysterConnect.com was declared one of the 14 Winners of NSDC Innovations for Skills Challenge 2014 (NISC 2014) for its unique platform that enhances the work skills of students at all levels of formal education by an innovative system of Industry-sourced Live Projects & Virtual Internships.

Our Team